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Unleash Your Creative Animal!

Writaur is a website dedicated to letting you make puzzles as well as solve them!


Fill in the blanks with your own words for wacky results! Take a radlib, or write a radlib


You get to choose where the story goes! Read a storypath, or write a storypath

Crossword Puzzles

Oodles to choose from, with difficulty levels from easy to expert! Do a crossword puzzle, or make a crossword puzzle

Word Searches

So many words, just waiting for you to find them! Do a word search, or make a word search

Quest for the Fountain of LifeQuest for the Fountain of Life, a storypath originally published on Writaur.com, is now available for purchase as a paperback through Createspace and Amazon! If you have a story that you've created on Writaur.com that is being published, please contact us as we would like to promote your work.

Writaur is the best place to be when you've got a creative itch that needs to be scratched. You can write something to entertain all of your friends. Or, if you're a teacher, you can make a puzzle for your students. Or you can impress that special someone in your life with a radlib dedicated just to them. The possibilities are limitless!

I'm working on improvements to this site, so watch this space for announcements about new features. Thanks for visiting!