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About Writaur.com

I started this site partly as a means to learn new skills, and partly because I enjoy playing with the creative interactive possibilities of the web. There seem to be many websites out there filled with games and puzzles and so forth to play, but not so many where you get to create these things as well (aside from quiz-generating websites, at least). So, I wanted to make this site a place where a user can interact both as a puzzle maker and a puzzle taker.

So far there's just these three: making crossword puzzles, word searches, and radlibs (aka the non-copyright protected name I came up with for a super fun activity). I've got an idea or two for future interactive user-generated additions to this website, and just need to grow my brain big enough to make them happen. Aside from that, I'm keeping my mind open to any other possibilities for puzzles, interactive writing, and games which could fit the particular paradigm of writaur.com. I will also be considering additional ways to make using this site more interesting to users, such as ways for them to interact with each other outside of the puzzles, possible score-keeping of puzzles completed, etc. Much of this will be based on user feedback, and the rest on what seems neat to me at the time.

As for the name 'Writaur'? I really just needed a good name for a website which, at the time, I wanted to mostly be about interactive writing and words. And how sometimes there is a creative beast that just has to be unleashed in such cases. Thus, writaur. A writaur might just be a pseudo-stegasaurus hunkered over a notepad (or a laptop, as the case may be).

Now here's a bit about the actual construction of the website. Skill-wise, this site has taken me many places. It's strongly grounded in php, the php of the sort where I build one section, then later had to go back and restructure it completely because my php skill level had advanced to the point where the original php was gobbledygook. So it goes. Everything gets stored in a lovely MySql database. I'm dabbling with Ajax on here, in that toddleresque experimental kind of way, so my sincerest apologies if a.) the Ajax is applied unevenly and b.) there are very obvious uses for it where it has not been applied. Again, I'm trying to stretch my poor brain out to cover those areas. I tried to make the css as valid as possible, but again, sometimes you just gotta cave. Or rather, sometimes I just gotta cave. Also, no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this website.

In any case, I hope you are enjoying your experience on this website. If not, or if you have any brilliant thoughts to share with me, I am very open to feedback!