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Mammal Party

by ptocheia
Difficulty: Hard
Tags: animals, mammals

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Click each clue to highlight the corresponding boxes above:


2. Like #3 down, only not yet born
5. Another name for a groundhog
7. What's black and white and is last for roll call?
9. There was a farmer, had a dog, this dog comes from Australia
10. An 80s metal band that is excellent at french cooking
11. I'd llike to see you guess this four-llegged creature!
13. This four-legged critter can get pretty wiley
14. Kind of orange, and does not need a tan at all
17. This poor deer is dateless for his prom!
19. Either your male child swings for both teams, or a large furry quadroped
21. You might need surgery to remove a cancerous rodent like this!


1. This heavily armored critter loves some tasty insects
3. Caped Crusador, or furry friend?
4. Mooooooo (times 100 or so)
6. These monkeys come in matching pairs!
8. Oo! A monkey!
12. Despite the name, some of them are female, and they don't play golf
15. 1 gig of fluffy with horns!
16. This 4-legged critter would love to cover your lobes with adhesives!
18. Like a tiny beard without the chamomile
20. Like #4 down, after hitting the gym too much

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