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Types of Dances

by llama
Difficulty: Medium
Tags: dancing, dances

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Click each clue to highlight the corresponding boxes above:


2. Lou Bega really liked the 5th one
5. If a large pink waterfowl were Spanish, it would surely do this dance
7. This long row of people have no connection to that river in Africa
9. Found on a playground as well as in the 1930s
10. this dance is a mixture of African and Cuban
13. Boogie woogie woogie! *clap*
15. This dance goes great with tortilla chips


1. Back in the 1700s, this was much more exciting then the minuet!
3. This one hit wonder 90s dance has nothing to do with pasta
4. All the rage in Argentina
6. this Dominican Republic dance has nothing to do with lemon pie
7. They were all over this dance in South Carolina back in the day
8. Is this Brazilian art form dancing, or is it fighting?
11. This has nothing to do with either fishing or filmstrips
12. The BeeGees would approve
14. This 1960s dance is a great workout for your waist and hips!

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