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Twogle Club Crossword Puzzle

by Russell
Difficulty: Expert
Tags: ogle

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Click each clue to highlight the corresponding boxes above:


2. "Wayne brought his movie camera, still can't erase the ___(s)."
5. breakable object when piling atop Uncle Beanhead
8. Wendy's allergy
10. Fredericksburg resident
12. the tallest cousin
15. Andrew & Amanda's school
17. ____ fluff
19. Drink that started the oath
20. G-pa's last county
21. '09 OFXGX in this state (minus one 'e' sorry!!)
27. He seems to think the countryside nothing atall!
28. What Julie's not allowed to eat
30. State abbreviation where Alex lives
31. One hit band from Norway, more like snoreway
33. This puzzle __ awesome.
34. Freiler's school
35. John ____ arrived shortly after the Mayflower and settled in Indiana.
37. Uncle Chris has always pretended to be allergic to
38. most common middle name
39. A cow says...
41. Pig's name
43. School of Sandy
44. state where Grandpa O. went to high school
45. city of '08 OFXGX
46. These pets kept you up at night by banging a can against glass


1. Abbie's middle name
2. Marissa was an OB_Y_.
3. Wendy's last name
4. Term nobody in family uses to call their father
6. Strongest advocater "Unto each man, a stocking shall be given!"
7. Abbie's middle name
8. Employed 3 of us, summer '97
9. Wendy performed as this religious figure
11. What Sharon calls her father
13. Freiler's pet at one time
14. Cali's middle name
16. Foreign city where Julie lived, as pronounced by Aunt Becky
18. healing from biking incident
22. "Kids, kids, ______ down!"
23. Amanda's middle name
24. Plays guitar, like his namesake
25. Julie's college
26. "____ got stung by a bee..."
28. Andrew just moved here
29. A fart
32. "Now push that music ______."
36. Uncle Tim's favorite dog
40. Virginia's last name
42. Sandy's boyfriend
43. made an important announcement

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