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Utilization Managment Crossword Puzzle

by HITweek
Difficulty: Medium
Tags: utilization

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Click each clue to highlight the corresponding boxes above:


1. Kim loves _______center
4. What we sit in to perform our work
8. Random Access Memory (abbr)
9. Autotransfusion (abbr)
10. Emergency Medical Services (abbr)
12. Were coming upon ____season
13. Dentyne, Spearment, Bubble___
14. Go fly a ______
16. Just say __
17. Green with _____
20. to place onself in a flat, horizontal positon (pl)
21. blow your ________
22. TKA's & THA's are types of ________
24. I was hungry so I ____
27. ____ my! (exclamation)
28. UMS's have daily work, project days and ________ (2 wds)
30. The Amazing _____ (TV show)
31. ( nöi ) ( acoustics ) A unit of perceived noisiness equal to the perceived noisiness of random noise occupying the frequency band 910-1090 hertz


1. Who calls us from HIM?
2. A good health breakfast is ___meal
3. Utilization Managment Services (abbr)
4. Oncologists treat this
5. Work that Holly, Sue and Monica do
6. Somedays you just have to __________ out loud!
7. Where do we looks for signed ROI's?
11. Yes (spanish)
15. the reviews we don't get done before a patient discharges
18. Our UMS Director (2 words)
19. _____________, Today & Tomorrow
23. Name of our Computerized Medical Record
25. ________ what you get!
26. Dr. Kauphusman's nickname
29. any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all

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