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Random Puzzle

by flymama627
Difficulty: Medium
Tags: none

Got a boring car trip/meeting/flight/etc. coming up soon? Click here to view a printable version of this crossword puzzle, and take the fun with you!


Click each clue to highlight the corresponding boxes above:


1. Popular animation studio
4. ______ of fish
7. "We"
9. Forced into an unnatural position
11. Not out
13. Two
15. Zero
16. "Despicable Me" character
17. Proceed
18. Has an abundance
19. Quickly
22. One is the _____ number
24. Simpler
26. Activities
28. 14th letter of the alphabet
29. One who starts a company
32. Suggestion
34. Oceanic plant
38. To sanitize


1. Creamy dessert
2. A form of "be"
3. Go on a violent ____
5. Bouncing
6. Girls name
8. Halogen element used by doctors as an antiseptic
9. Percussionists
10. Type of snake
12. Ramen or spaghettie
14. Anger
20. Flesh
21. Pet bird
23. Between child and adult
25. "A" before a vowel
27. Feel good about something you do
30. Another word for pair
31. Large rodent
32. Electrically charged atom
33. Genetic coding
35. Abbreviation for "Not Applicable"
36. 13th letter of the alphabet
37. (In music) Do, Re, __, Fa...

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