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Geometry Crosswords

by svasava
Difficulty: Medium
Tags: none

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1. it is a flat surface containing all the straight lines that connect eny to points on it.
4. It is the common end point of two or more line segments.
5. A shape formed by two lines diverging from a common point.
8. the point were two lines meet or cross.
10. The nmber of streight lines that pass through a single point.
12. The distance around a two dimenzional shape.
13. Two equal (the same) shape.
14. The some of two complementary angles.
15. It is a two D-shape.


1. It is an exact position or location on a surface,it is not a thing but a place.
2. The size of a surface.
3. It is a line that has no curves and never ends
4. The amount of 3-D space.
6. They are 3-D
7. The number of streight lines that pass throught two given points.
9. Tricky question: We alredy wrote this question a clue, it has 11 letter and it starts with the S.
11. It is something that cuts and object into two equal parts.
13. Infinite number of arcs combined toghether.

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