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I'm not crazy...you are.

by Chaos Theory
( A Writaur Creation: write your own at http://www.writaur.com/radlib/ )

You are most certainly going to have to find SOME WAY to explain this. What is this? Well it's a whole load of person (plural), that's what this is! Look at you standing so adjective and confused...you know what this is! You truly do.

Shame on you.

Last night you were adverb at your computer as you do and then it happened! What's it? I'll tell you what's it! I never thought you would allow such a thing...I mean you may live in location and all, and you may be a little adjective from time to time but this...this is the big thing I should be lecturing you about!

No, stay. Stop looking at me that way. I'm not crazy. You're just so adjective. Would you like your friend, person gerund to hear of this? No, I don't think you would...

I mean, you have a nice name and all, and there are so many admirable aspects about you and you have nice plural noun but...why are you backing off like this? You know you can't hide from the truth! No, don't back away fur-

No, put that down. I'm not threatening you I am just approaching you angrily because y'k-

How dare you deny! How dare you! I have number/quantity more matters to discuss and you do this to me!

No, no don't-