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Bob the Otter looks for something tasty

by llama
( A Writaur Creation: write your own at http://www.writaur.com/radlib/ )

Once upon a time, there was an otter named Bob. Bob was a very adjective otter, and because of this, it was no surprise that one day he woke up very very adjective. So Bob got out of bed, and put on his favorite noun, it was his favorite because it was the superlative. Bob ate a delicious breakfast of plural noun. This was adverb enough to verb (present tense) Bob's hunger, but Bob really wanted something else to eat! Bob looked all over his noun for something tastier, but not a noun of tasty food was to be found!

So Bob headed over to his neighbor proper noun's home. He knocks adverb on the noun, but no answer! "Drat!" thinks Bob, "Who else to ask?"

So Bob, lost deep in thoughts of noun, wanders down a shady noun. Suddenly, Bob sniffs something that is adverb adjective. Could it be? It is! Berries, red and adjective, growing all over the nearby location. Bob stuffs his fuzzy little noun and is satisfied at last!