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And you are?

by Chaos Theory
( A Writaur Creation: write your own at http://www.writaur.com/radlib/ )

You are known as proper noun location. You own several plural noun and enjoy investing your time in activities such as noun, gerund, and occasionally gerund. Today you are at location waiting for proper noun, whom happens to be your adjective person. You two plan to gerund at location.

Someone walks up to you who happened to be rather adverbadjective and appeared to be person. You wait for them to say something but their eyes just wander off distantly. So you say: "plural noun".

They turn to you adverb and you verb (present tense) in response. They say: "adjective!"

It becomes apparent that they are going to verb (present tense) you, so you quickly start backing up. You wonder where location went to and wish that they would come and save you soon from this adjective person.

The stranger verb (present tense) and begins to verb (present tense). You run.

You wake up. You are suddenly at location and you barely remember what happened. Groggy and a little adjective, you get up and look around.

You decide that being a person isn't all what it cracks up to be.