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Here's several storypaths at random:

Pokemon D20 by Stillwell (All Ages) (3 votes)
Customer Unable to Make Calls (Calls Only) by rjohnhalligan (All Ages) (0 votes)
A Visit to the Doctor by ptocheia (Teen and Up) (1 vote)
Which secondary school should my daughter or son attend? by jennifer_lortie (Teen and Up) (0 votes)
PED 3139 - Applying Principles by jennifer_lortie (All Ages) (0 votes)
Ralph the Wonder Llama goes on vacation. by llama (All Ages) (1 vote)
Storybear! by ohhello (All Ages) (3 votes)
Dark Times by Stillwell (Teen and Up) (3 votes)
Twilight (This story is OWNED by Stephanie Meyer!!!! LOL) by Russell (All Ages) (1 vote)
Cycle by Chaos Theory (All Ages) (0 votes)