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Here's several storypaths at random:

PED 3139 - Applying Principles by jennifer_lortie (All Ages) (0 votes)
The cat man by mranderson (All Ages) (0 votes)
Who Shall I Join? by katblack87 (All Ages) (2 votes)
Fog by Yanmato (Teen and Up) (1 vote)
Ralph the Wonder Llama goes on vacation. by llama (All Ages) (1 vote)
Dark Times by Stillwell (Teen and Up) (3 votes)
Diversidade: O dever da Lideranša by Paulo Felcar (Mature Themes) (0 votes)
Pokemon D20 by Stillwell (All Ages) (3 votes)
Johns adventure by travisisawesome (All Ages) (0 votes)
Storybear! by ohhello (All Ages) (3 votes)