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Being a Cat

by ptocheia
Tags: poop, cat food, Cats, Cat

You wander down the hall and discover, much to your delight, that the door is slightly open. You stick your head in and shove your body into the closet. Sniffing around, you can smell the delicious aroma of fish and liver, and quickly locate it's source. It's on a shelf that you can reach. You hop up to a shelf, and then the next shelf, and begin sniffing the bag.

You hear a mewing from the hallway, and suddenly see another cat. It's the other one that lives here, the one that eats half of your food. Good for tongue baths, at least.

The other cat smells what you smell, and stares longingly at the bag. You've just got to get to that food! You could maybe use your weight to push it over. But then again, you've got teeth and all, maybe you could gnaw your way into the bag?