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Quest For The Fountain of Life

by ptocheia
Tags: adventure, fantasy

You tightly grip your sword at your side and, taking a deep breath, push open the door and step inside.

Dank, moist air brushes past your face. As your eyes adjust to the relative darkness, your eyes begin to take in the surrounding scenery.

Plants! Green, lush vines practically drip from the ceiling. They cover most of the walls, allowing only the occasional peek of chipped and moldy stone. Shafts of sunlight stream in through frequent cracks on the low ceiling above, which help to illuminate the cool darkness of your surroundings.
Listening, you can hear faint noises in the distance that cause the hairs on your arms to prickle and rise. This place definitely puts you on your guard.

Vines twist for a little ways down a long hallway straight ahead, and then peter off into the darkness. About two feet down this hallway you can see part of a door, with a lock securely fastening it shut. You give the door a slight push. It won't budge. You make a mental note of that door, just in case.

To the left of where you came in is another hallway, much brighter then the first. Bright enough, at least, that you think (and slightly fear) that you just saw a slight movement at the end of it.

Which way should you go?