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Quest For The Fountain of Life

by ptocheia
Tags: adventure, fantasy

You move your way down the hall. The patches of light from above become less and less frequent, and soon enough you find yourself in dim darkness. The walls, now bare of any vines, are chipped and damp. Far at the end of the hall, you see a glimmer of light.

As you progress forward, the glimmer of light soon reveals its source a patch of sky through the caved-in ceiling, brightening this otherwise murky place.

You find yourself at another sort of intersection. To your right is a door, partly shrouded in vines. You place your hand on the knob and feel vibrations coming from somewhere beyond that door. The vibrations are inconstant, and your mind immediately forms the image of a large and fearsome beast stomping around and wishing to nibble upon a person such as yourself. Taking a deep breath, you force such thoughts from your mind.

Looking to the left, however, is another hallway. It's also covered in vines, and you're pretty sure you can see a door at the other end, where the hallway is exceptionally well-lit with sunlight. While you know that this could be a safer choice, you are also quite aware that evil does not always take the form of something large and fierce.