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Quest For The Fountain of Life

by ptocheia
Tags: adventure, fantasy

You make your way down the hallway. As you near its end, you can soon see the outline of a shape, a human shape. It's not moving.

As quietly as possible, you approach the figure. It turns out to be a beefy man, sprawled out on a chair in a corner, a bottle in one hand. Based on the growing stench, you're pretty sure the bottle holds alcohol of some sort. More bottles lay strewn about the floor. He doesn't appear to have any weapons on him (that you see, at least), or near him for that matter. However, he possesses the sort of physical build that you'd rather not have to fight, even if he has no weapon. You grip your sword's hilt tightly.

The man's breathing is deep and his snoring steady. You are quite confidant that he is sound asleep and that you should be able to sneak past him with little trouble.

You slowly make your way past the sleeping man. Just as you're finishing your slow trek, he snores loudly, and the bottle slips out of his hand, hitting the ground with a loud thud.

The man wakes immediately and declares, in a loud and hoarse voice, “Hey! Where d'you think you're going?!”