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Quest For The Fountain of Life

by ptocheia
Tags: adventure, fantasy

Life is desperate for you and your village. Nearly two decades ago, the Ohabe River, once gushing with water and life, suddenly slowed to mere trickles. Since then, the only way your people have been able to grow any crops has been via the occasional rains. Now, a drought has overtaken the land. The crops won't grow, and your people fear that the village will perish unless something is done, and soon.

People tell rumors of a magical fountain the Fountain of Life whose waters will grant eternal life to all who drink from it. With water from a fountain like that, your people wouldn't need crops. They'd be immortal! Or alternately, the crops could be immortal. Imagine, corn that would never die. It is, indeed, the stuff that dreams are made of.

The village council has elected you to find the Fountain of Life, as you are brave and adventurous, not to mention skilled with a sword. Though, you strongly suspect that your complete lack of green thumb might have gotten you elected as well. In any case, you are determined to succeed. You love your town, and you aren't about to see it crushed under the vicious heel of poverty and famine!

Your journey takes you far, up dry riverbeds, through desert and lonely withered forest. You wear a warm cloak as the air is chill and crisp, and carry on you your trusted sword as well as a pack for your belongings. Your pack carries food to last you through your journey, pouches to carry back water from the fountain, and an oil lamp to light your way.

You finally find yourself at the destination of all of the rumors: in a great dry highland, with tall mountains in the distance. A large, intimidating building stands in front of you. Its stone structure looks old and windblown, and dried vines cover much of it. A large wooden door stands slightly open. You knock, hearing nothing in response.