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Pokemon D20

by Stillwell
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The fastest way to the volcano is the jeep tour that runs for the tourists at the hotel resort, the players best bet will be to get a driver to take them down the jeep trail.

The hotel is run by Slate Isle natives and friends of the players' families so all the players will have character knowledge of the hotel staff, unless one of the player decided to have just recently moved to Slate Island.

Hotel Manager: Baxter, the old man who recently lost his best friend and favorite pokemon. He's been taken back to his room at the hotel by some other townspeople to make sure he is looked after for the rest of the day.

Security Guards: Stan and Stu are stubborn and dull and don't think Baxter should be disturbed. Stan has a houndour and Stu has a geodude.

Maid: Juanita is a kind lady who uses he Mr. Mime to help her clean the hotel.

Jeep Driver/Tour Guide: Lenny who has recently messed up too many times at his job and is too afraid to do anything without permission. Lenny has a meowth that helps him with his tours of the island.

Other characters can be added but this way the players can get the room keys from the maid, battle the security guards, and get Baxter to give the go ahead for the Lenny to run the kids to the volcano.

Of course each NPC can be bullied into doing the players' will just by defeating them in pokemon battles, but the pokemon will have an understanding of the matters at hand and may become bullies themselves.

Another way into Baxter's room is to have one character hide in Juanita's cart.

Also, the guards may get easily distracted by something.

Once everything is settled and Lenny gets the jeep going up the trail, things start to look up for the gang, until Lenny suddenly stops the vehicle only a quarter mile before reaching the hot springs and cave entrance to the volcano.

Reasons for stopping:

Tauros herd in middle of road
Digglets have made giant hole in road
2 team rocket members is standing in the middle of the road.

Either way Lenny is a coward and doesn't want to get the jeep messed up so he decides to turn around and pick the kids up later.

The 2 Rocket members have been put in place to make sure that no one comes up the trail to disturb what their cohorts are doing within the volcano. ( Makuhita and Gloom)

Once defeated the team will make their way to the fork in the road which will either take them to the volcano cave entrance, or to the hot springs where they can heal their pokemon.