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Pokemon D20

by Stillwell
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Not really a storypath just... a base story for a campaign I'm running

Later in the story the list of available pokemon will be as follows:
Bulbasaur, Treeko, Chikorita, Turtwig
Squirtle, Totadile, Mudkip, Piplup
Charmander, Cyndaquil, torchic, chimchar
eevee, pichu, shinx, igglybuff, machop, geodude
ralts, abra, caterpie, meowth, pidgey

With the exception of eevee and meowth, each choice of pokemon can evolve twice throughout their lives. Meowth will have the ability to speak common as well as understand other pokemon which could come in handy and eevee is a favorite for most people as it has many different possibilities for evolutions

As you read the introduction to the story to the players they can think about which pokemon they will want to get when the time comes.

Slate Island is a peaceful isle only a couple of miles away from the Merigo region. A ferry brings tourists back and forth to breath the relaxing and healing air of Slate Island.
Slate Villa, the small civilized village of Slate Island, only inhabits 15 percent of the entire island, which is mostly made up of plant life and hot springs that resonate from the inactive volcano that towers over the peaceful land.
It is the day of the annual Slate Island festival, when the ferries are closed to visitors and the Slate Villa residents get together to share food and stories with fellow neighbors. It's also a good time for the Slate youngsters to meet the island pokemon and decide which ones will be their companions for their journeys ahead.
But this particular day, something different seems to have been planned for the special event. Onlookers gasp at the hot air balloons that float overhead. Did the mayor plan this especially for the Slate Island Festival, or is this something unexpected. As the balloons approach the island, the residents continue to laugh and share good times with friends and pokemon alike.

Each player is brought up on stage for the main event, the choosing of their pokemon. They are asked to speak into the microphone and introduce themselves to the crowd and maybe express their dreams as a pokemon trainer or whatever they choose to be.

Professor Redwood explains this to the crowd and introduces himself as the islands pokemon expert. He also wishes his nephew, Reggie, the best of luck in the beginner's battle that follows the choosing of the pokemon.

Reggie will introduce himself to the crowd and give off a cocky attitude. He possesses a tamer staff which is a new item developed by Poco. A Company that makes pokeballs, pokemon medicine, and items that make the world of pokemon more exciting.

The island's indigenous pokemon are made up of weedles, caterpies, exxecutes, and slugmas so their appears to be a lack of variety of choices this year.

After each player introduces themselves, the balloons make their way overhead and ropes are lowered down to the town. Suddenly pokeballs are dropped from above and begin to shine white as they open revealing koffings and magmars... A loud booming voice cries from overhead.


The koffings and magmars begin to blow black smoke everywhere and within seconds, nothing can be seen.

The party goers now realize that the balloons are not an festival event and panic drowns out the sound of unknown fiends sliding down the dangling ropes.

A feint order is shouted through the cries of the Slate villa citizens


Suddenly everyone feels stiff and falls to the ground.

After what seems like an eternity of laying motionless and gasping for clean air, you all hear a woman's voice scream,

Pidgeot, Whirlwind!

The smoke and stun spore are almost instantly cleared from the air as everyone begins to sit up and watch as a team of 4 chanceys run around, administering checks on the crowd below the stage. A woman with a nurse outfit and and pink hair pulls her pidgeot back into the pokeball in her outstretched hand.

She then spots Prof. Redwood who is still on stage with the children, and makes her way up to the small group.

“Professor Redwood I came as soon as I could, I am nurse Joy from Starroad City.”

The children watch patiently as the two adults speak, still with panic in their voices.

Redwood: What is the meaning of this?

Joy: There have been reports all over about a group of bandits attacking islands with volcanos. I flew here on my pidgeot as soon as I suspected that Slate Island would be the next to be attacked.

Suddenly there is a scream from the crowd.

Crowd Member: “Our pokemon! All the pokemon are gone!”

Joy: Authorities believe the group known as Team Rocket are looking for some sort of legendary pokemon that resides in a volcano...as you can see they are also stealing pokemon as well.

Redwood: How is this possible?...that kind of pokemon kidnapping seems impossible.

Joy: I'm not certain professor, I only just heard about it on the news before I flew here.

Crowd Members begin to scream, My magnemite! How will I power my shop! How am I supposed to cut my grass without my Scyther?! Who's going to eat my leftovers...Oh SNORLAX come back WWAAAAHHH!!!!

A terrifying shriek causes all the panicked screams to become silent, everyone's attention is directed toward an old man laying over what appears to be a fainted tauros. It's Baxter, the hotel manager.

A nearby man makes his way over to the Baxter and helps him up, upon seeing what the old man was covering, the younger man drops the old timer and falls to his knees, throwing up on the ground before him.

Now everyone can see that the tauros has several arrows in it's side and is in fact dead. The old man crawls back to his tauros and sobs heavily. Nurse Joy runs down and checks the pokemon for any signs of life, but finds none.

“Tauros, my oldest friend, why???”

Redwood: What kind of monsters would do such a thing!?

Someone from the crowd notices that one hot air balloon is still in sight, hovering above the inactive volcano.

Crowd Member: Look, one of them is still on the island.

Redwood dashes off the stage and bolts down the trail leading toward his lab.

Redwood: I've got to check something.

Reggie: What about my pokemon!? He calls out as he follows his uncle. “Come on you guys, my uncle has some pokemon in his lab and if you guys don't have some, who am I supposed to beat down?!”

Each player follows Reggie to prof. Redwoods lab which has been almost vandalized. Professor redood is screaming curses and throwing papers around.

He rushes to his main computer and laughs triumphantly when the screen lights up.

Redwood: Thank god!

Redwood begins to type furiously and activates a web cam conference with his colleague Professor Oak.

“Oak, my old friend, I need your help.”

Oak: Judging by everything that's happened in the news I can assume that Team Rocket has now moved to the Merigo Region and attacked your Island.

“Exactly and they've also taken the town's pokemon and even killed one. One of their agents is still lingering above the Slate Island Volcano and I'm not sure what to do. All authorities are at least 2 hours away and...

Oak interrupts Redwood

Oak: “I see you have some youngsters there in your lab.”

Redwood: Oh my, I hadn't noticed... they must have followed me from the festival.

Oak: If you'll indulge me I may have an idea to help you.

Redwood: Anything, please!

Oak: Is your pokemon transfer machine still intact?

Redwood steps to a large machine in the corner of his lab. After a few seconds of checking the device he begins to explain its condition,

Redwood: It's barely opperational, It only has energy for #_________ pokemon (Insert number of players for gameplay and storyline purposes) if that, anymore and I fear the machine may explode or cause adverse effects on any pokemon transferred through.

Oak: It will be risky, but I'll send these kids the pokemon they'll need to stop the fiends above Slate Volcano.

Redwood: Oak, you can't be serious... this...team rocket is dangerous and we can't leave this situation up to a group of kids. You must remember, these monsters KILLED on of the town's pokemon.

Oak: Professor Redwood, you must believe in the spirit of these young men and women. Many of my former students have stopped team rocket time and time again as well as grown to be amazing pokemon trainers.

Reggie: Now we're talking.

Redwood: Very well Oak, which pokemon will you send.

Oak posts a list of available pokemon in his lab.

Oak: Let the children choose one each...the machine has energy enough for one each.

The list reads

Bulbasaur, Treeko, Chikorita, Turtwig
Squirtle, Totadile, Mudkip, Piplup
Charmander, Cyndaquil, torchic, chimchar
eevee, pichu, shinx, igglybuff, machop, geodude
ralts, abra, caterpie, meowth, pidgey

Dms can shorten the list to make the choices faster, or perhaps end the first game here allowing for each player to make their decision.

Each player can roll a d20 to determine who chooses first to last

The machine dispenses each pokemon as requested and then the low murmur of the pokemon transfer machine dies down and the machine becomes inoperable until repaired.

Redwood: I know we don't have a lot of time, but I suggest you each go speak with your families before heading out. I also suggest you go together and try not to become separated.

This is when the game becomes more personal.

Personalize each family to each player as you choose.

Have a rich family, a sweet family, an absent family, an emotionally abusive father or whatever.

Fastest way to the volcano is the jeep tour from the hotel resort

Also speak with the players before hand and allow for one or more of them the opportunity to join team rocket later in the adventure.