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Ralph the Wonder Llama goes on vacation.

by llama
Tags: llama, adventure, travel

Ralph is very excited to go to New Zealand. He saw a documentary not too long ago about a strange people that lived there called Hobbits, and Ralph is really quite interested in meeting them!

It's a long flight to New Zealand, and Ralph starts getting tired along the way. So he stops at a little island in the South Pacific. There are native people there who are very excited to see him. They offer him all sorts of delicious plants to eat, and prepare a nice comfy room for him to stay him. Ralph stays here to rest for a night, and the people are nothing but kind. They insist he must stay as long as possible, and offer to prepare him a nice bubbly bath.


It's a pretty sweet deal Ralph has going here! He kind of wants to stay, especially for the bath, as llamas are a clean sort and love a good bath. Still, Ralph can hear the longing calls of New Zealand and the Hobbits.