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Ralph the Wonder Llama goes on vacation.

by llama
Tags: llama, adventure, travel

Ralph decides to head to Tokyo. He ses himself as quite the cosmopolitan llama, and figures that city life would be a nice break from his rural highlands home.

So Ralph begins the long flight to Japan. He stops occasionally on various small islands, to rest up. Soon, though, he sees the tall skyscrapers of Tokyo rising in the distance. His excitement soon turns to fear, though, when he sees them begin to move. Suddenly, one of them takes off into the air and heads straight for him! As it gets closer, he realises it is a giant metal robot. It begins shooting at him, and Ralph deftly avoids being shot.


This is way more then Ralph had bargained for. Maybe Japan isn't such a good idea! So Ralph veers off the the left, and as soon as the robot realises that Ralph is no longer headed to Tokyo, it turns around and soon is indistinguishable from the other tall moving objects on the shore.

What a shame! Well, Ralph figures that if going to Japan is this dangerous, then he is better off not making that trip anyhow. Now, though, Ralph is a llama without a plan. Where should he try to go next?