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Ralph the Wonder Llama goes on vacation.

by llama
Tags: llama, adventure, travel

Ralph is very excited about going to the Grand Canyon. See, Ralph has always lived in the mountains. Mountains are giant hills that stick out of the ground. Canyons are kind of the opposite of mountains, as they are giant holes that stick into the ground. Ralph imagines that if you got together some mountains and some canyons, then everything would just get really flat. These are simply the sort of things that llamas think about when their heads aren't filled with thoughts of delicious grasses.

So Ralph heads off to the United States. It is a pleasant flight, with all sorts of stops in coastal areas, where he can take a quick bath in some tropical waters. Soon enough, he is descending towards the the Grand Canyon.


It is bigger then he'd even expected! He really wants to go explore right away, but there is a persistent growling in his stomach that he thinks might need to be dealt with, first.