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Terms of Use

To be a user of this website, Writaur.com requires that you follow the guidelines below.


Writaur.com exists as a service to allow users to create their own word games and puzzles, as well as to solve the word games and puzzles created by others. Writaur.com does not screen content before it is published, and it is the obligation of the user to make sure that their use of Writaur.com is in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Writuar.com Users

A user is able to solve and interact with any of the published word games and puzzles on Writaur.com. Writaur.com is not responsible if a user does a word game/puzzle that they find objectionable. If the user feels that something is objectionable to the point where it steps outside of legal boundaries, the user should contact Writaur.com with a link to this content, so that Writaur.com can determine if this material should be removed from the website.

Writaur.com Members

A member of Writaur.com has all of the abilities that a user does, but is also able to write and publish their own word games and puzzles. They are also given an area to have a personal profile. These areas are likely to expand with the growth of Writaur.com. A Writaur.com member is responsible for making sure that any content they add, in any area, to the Writaur.com website, is allowable content according to these Terms of Use. A member that publishes inappropriate content may have their account terminated.

Account Termination

Writaur.com may terminate a member's account at any time, and for any reason.

Objectionable Content

Members are not allowed to post any content that is offensive, indecent, unlawful, harassing, impersonates someone, or is material that one is not legally allowed to use. Members are also not allowed to link to any content that falls into any of the above categories, nor is a member allowed to use Writaur.com as a means of link farming or spamming. If a user encounter material on the website that they feel falls into one of the above categories, they should report it to Writaur.com. If material that violates the Terms of Use, or is otherwise objectionable, is found to exist, Writaur.com will remove it. Also, Writaur.com cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage, trauma, etc. incurred from materials that members have added to Writaur.com.

Published Material

All materials that a member publishes on Writaur.com remain the property of the member that published it.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.